Dr. Ryan is the best. Her gentle and specific care helped me process a lot of emotional patterns I was holding onto. Dr. Dan also helped with a sports injury I was struggling to heal from. It’s amazing what happens to the body physically and emotionally when the nervous system is clear and connected.


Dr. Ryan is amazing! She is gentle and effective in her care, and she always listens to what I’m saying and what my body is telling her. I highly recommend her! She’s excellent with kids of all ages and has special training in working with kids with processing disorders and on the spectrum. As a chiropractor myself, I can get adjusted by anyone. And I love Dr. Ryan!


Drs. Ryan and Dan are some of the nicest, loyal, and loving people I’ve ever met. Dr. Dan has helped me through a variety of health issues, all while holding me accountable towards my health goals. They’re both excellent with children as well. They are an amazing addition to your community! I would highly recommend seeing Connect First Family Chiropractic for all of the health and lifestyle needs for you and your family!


These two are fantastic doctors. I have been adjusted multiple times by both of them and I can honestly say my quality of life has improved. I have never felt a doctor take such holistic care of me during an appointment.