Sugar and Stress

Location: 21631 Ridgetop Circle Suite 225, Sterling, VA 20166
Date: 7/29/2019

We all know sugar isn't good for us. But just how POWERFUL is sugar addiction? What are the truths and myths behind sugar? What are some names that sugar is disguised as? How is sugar affecting our children and how can we create lasting habit change and take back control of our pantrys?! What impact does sugar have on the body and the brain? These questions and more will be answered at our FREE, interactive and impactful workshop. Lars Bodenheimer is a certified Health Coach and works with people looking to break out of stuck habits and patterns to create massive change in their lives. Dr. Dan is a family and performance chiropractor and helps people achieve optimal health and peak performance. You do NOT want to miss this combined event! Water and snacks will be provided.